Joyce asked me about the “Sojourners” service. It is at 9:20 at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant on Mendenhall St. near UNCG and Greensboro College. Here’s an excerpt from Jim Dollar’s last post on his blog, where he posts his sermons and thoughts. If this appeals to you, you would love this service. All of it is good and it was hard to choose an excerpt, so I chose a part that relates to how this group is attempting to grow as a community. You’ll find the whole thing at Loose Change, Too.

My wish for us all is to know what is important, to know what truly needs to be done, and to have what it takes to do it. For me, this kind of knowing is part of my idea of “the dynamic core” around which we coalesce and out of which we live. The other part of that dynamic core is being aligned, inner and outer, so that what is “deepest, best and truest” about us is reflected, expressed, in how we live our lives, in living the life that is ours to live (and not the life society, or the church, or our parents tells us to live). The right kind of community helps us find and live out of this dynamic core (dynamic because it is not static, but changing, fluid, evolving).

I think the right kind of community does this by engaging us in conversation about the things that matter. It listens us to the truth of our being. By helping us say what is important, it helps us see what is important, and helps us live toward what is important. If it is important, we will have to live toward it, around obstacles and through resistance. Knowing what is important puts us on a path to what is important. The right kind of community, then, gives us ourselves.

On the way to ourselves, I would say to you: be alert to happenstance. That’s my best advice. When you happen upon something special, know it. Be alert to it, aware of it. Sit with it for a while. Take the time to relish the experience, to cherish the moment, because it is passing.

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