Nuts. I hoped that the printer/scanner would work after unplugging it and hooking it up to a different computer. But no. Do you remember that Kids in the Hall episode when the car won’t crank and they try “everything,” kicking the tires, painting the car…we used to do that to our lawnmower as a joke until we finally just got rid of the lawn and the mower. Seemed easier.

So I’m going to my mother’s house tomorrow where a treasure trove of old photos and documents await me but I don’t have a working scanner. I guess my next scanning session will have to wait for next time. When I hope to have a new Epson printer/scanner.

The good news is, other than that I’ll be driving my new purple Honda Fit for the Very First Time, all by my little lonesome, with James Brown and Lyle Lovett and his Large Band and old kick-ass k d lang turned wide open, is that I talked to my sister tonight who is flat out thrilled that I’m going down there and who might join me tomorrow night. I’ll have all day for some quality time with Mama (plus she says she has a list of things for me to do – ulp) then I’ll get to see my sister too!

Predictably, my mother was horrified when I told her that I had bought a purple car, but I was ready for it and said “Why can’t I have a fun car? I’m an artist!” She didn’t like it but she couldn’t argue with that. My mother has spent her life terrified that I am about to embarrass her, but I think that I’ve only done it a few times, really. I think that I should do it some more. Be good for both of us.

Anyway, I think that she mostly wants me to put in a garden for her, which I’ll be glad to do as long as I can dodge the fire ants.

Tonight I’m going to watch a movie that Sandy rented with Daniel Craig in it. He asked, “Do you know who Daniel Craig is?” Duh, yes. “You know he looks kind of rugged, played the last James Bond? Do you like him?” Ummmmm. My husband does not know my inner thoughts at all, apparently. So I get some eye candy tonight. Plus a new friend of mine has a killer photo of Johnny on her flickr site and it is now wallpaper on the laptop, thank you dear friend.

Yes, I’m working on the labyrinth tapestry, the new tapestry box, and some small cardboard weavings destined to be either artist trading cards or pins. I’m not too busy drooling over manly hunks to get some artwork done.

Oh, and I’ll mail out the seeds to everyone who sent me their address in the morning. It was fun so maybe I’ll do some more giveaways.

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