I hate shopping.

I hate shopping. I really do. Uh, unless it is for books or art supplies. Or food at the farmer’s market. Or pottery.

Okay, let me rephrase that. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes. I really do. Today was awful – we stopped by Sears during lunch and I tried on bras. I didn’t buy one because the only ones I liked in my size were too expensive. I’ll wait for these to go on sale. But at least I got through the horror of figuring out my new size. My bras are totally worn out because I so desperately did not want to go up a size. Shopping for bras, underwear, and bathing suits is my idea of hell. My bathing suit is at least ten years old and so worn out I fall out of it every time I bend over, so I wear a T-shirt over it rather than go shopping for a new one. I have a closet full of jeans that are getting too tight and too raggedy, but I’m on the cusp of 18 land and I hoped to never go there again.

Now that we’re done shopping for a car, I’m really excited about getting the Honda tomorrow. I’ve been plotting to do this for so long, and I’ve always either chosen other things first, or some worrisome distraction has interfered. This will be the first new car either of us has had since we bought the Tercel in 1992. The coolest thing about this car is all the different ways you can fold the seats flat to give you just the right amount of cargo space. You can split it right down the middle to haul something long. The photo in the booklet showed someone with a surfboard entirely flat in the car. If we ever get back to doing 18th century reenactments, that will come in handy for the tent poles.

Last night I had a couple of errands I had to run: prescriptions and cat food. Was it my fault that my route took me by Ed McKays again? And that they still had a few grand old textbooks and encyclopedias? I bought The Artist’s Way, just because I feel guilty taking all that free stuff without buying something. It’s a book that I’ve meant to take a look at for a long time anyway.

I know that I still haven’t written about the Artist Trading Card project. I will. Let’s just say right now that I’m brimming with ideas and I’m preparing the first layers. Then I need to either learn how to use my camera better for close shots or buy a new printer/scanner, since I think that I totally killed it trying to get a paper jam out. Why won’t it at least let me scan or copy, is what I want to know. If it comes to more shopping, I think that I might buy an Epson this time.

Gah….shopping, shopping, shopping. I just want to stay in the happy room and weave and read and watch my seedlings grow and play on my laptop!

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