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Tomato seed starting

Okay, things are getting a little dead around there, so let’s liven it up. First of all, near the bottom of the sidebar are some good tunes for you to listen to while you’re reading.

I planted tomato and artichoke seeds this afternoon. The artichokes are “Violetto” from Pinetree from last year. Since I have iffy luck with artichokes I planted more than needed: 8. That’s an organic gardening tip I learned from an organic farmer – plant twice what you need! Ha!

Sometimes that doesn’t work out. But why not if you have a zillion packets of lots of different seeds and a small space?

Here is a list of the tomato seeds I started in the happy room today, two seeds to a hole in the tray:

Amish Paste, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, 2008, 8
Cherokee Purple, Appalachian Seeds, 2008, 6
Green Zebra, saved seeds from la Stewie, 2007, 6
Mortgage Lifter, Estler’s variety, Appalachian Seeds, 2008, 6
Principe Borghese, Appalachian Seeds, 2008, 4
Roma VF, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, 2008, 16
San Marzano, Liberty Garden, 2007, 4
Yellow Pear, Seeds of Change, 2005
Heirloom Mix, Fedco Seeds, 2007, 16

So, as you can see, I will be scrambling to find spots for the tomatoes again this year.

And the second thing to liven you up is this: I’m giving seeds away. If you would like to try out any of the above (sorry, no more artichokes), PLUS these:

Brandywine, Fedco, 2006
Pineapple, Fedco, 2007
Mortgage Lifters, Radiator Charlie’s variety, 2008
Hungarian Hot Wax peppers (I think), saved by me, 2007

Leave a comment on this post up until Thursday, March 13. Tell me what ones you’d like. Don’t be shy. I’ll give them away until Friday or until I run out, and divide them up according to how many people want them. It may just be 5-10 seeds each. We’ll see how it goes. If you leave your correct email in the comment form, I’ll contact you through email for your address.


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