I’m having a Fit

A 2008 Honda Fit Sport. “Blackberry pearl” color. Nice stereo with MP3 plug-in. Cruise control. I’m financing $10K on it. Will probably pick up Monday or Tuesday from Burlington Honda. We will trade in the SUV, and we’ll probably drive this Fit until it dies, just like the 1992 Tercel! Savings = gone. I’ll try to get it paid off in two years. In the meantime, I’ll have to be more frugal than usual.

Update: I knew that the Sierra Club rated it highly in the most recent edition of Sierra, but I didn’t realize that it tied for the number 10 spot under the Green Ratings.

While we were in Burlington (really nice folks in Burlington, by the way), we found a Mongolian barbecue place, Crazy Fire, that we liked a lot. Why doesn’t Greensboro have a Mongolian barbecue? Or does it and I didn’t get the memo? Greensboro is growing so fast.

I picked up a copy of “Artful Blogging” at Books-A-Million. Then we came back to Greensboro to Ed McKays, where I nearly swooned at the selection of free old books. I forced myself to choose only six, okay, seven, no, eight. That was about a third of the booty that I felt like I’d die if I didn’t take it with me. I picked up an old book of quotations, a thesaurus, a compilation of three novels by Pearl Buck, The Hobbit, a novel by Rafael Sabatini, a 1930s cookbook, and one volume of the Book of Knowledge from the 50s that snuck in there by mistake. Damn, I meant to get the 19th century dictionary instead. But I’m good. I am NOT going back tonight. Really.

Now Sandy’s gone to a friend’s house to pick up a huge TV for free. I’m not thrilled about it, because I don’t watch TV anymore. But I guess that it will be nice to watch movies on.

Wow. What a day.

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