The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get quotes from The Jerk out of my head soon. I’ve only seen it, oh, probably two dozen times.

But it feels apt because I got my shipment from Joann’s today. It was a slam damn gorgeous day too, and I was caught up at work, and so I took a little vacation time and enjoyed the afternoon. Went out to my studio, let Mama Kitty inspect it for explosives, then threw open the door and worked in and out of the studio.

I started a project that’s been on my mind ever since I received the book Artist Trading Card Workshop. I want to make my ATCs out of fiber and recycled materials when possible. The section that appealed to me most made nests of fibers on the card and melted them together with embossing powders and fusible webbing tape.

So I have been weaving tapestries from thrums and discarded warps and dyeing mistakes, and now I have a way to re-use the thrums from the thrums. It feels like, I don’t know, like I just found the last piece to a jigsaw puzzle. Ahhhh. It drove me crazy to throw those thrums away. Usually I give them to the birds or toss them in the compost heap when there gets to be too many.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with. Backgrounds for four sets of two cards each.

background for thrum ATCs

I had no freakin idee whut I wuz doing. I just played. If you were around in September when I began to have my meltdown, you know that this was a major goal for me. I’m a planner. It’s my personality. Weavers generally have to be. I needed to learn how to play. Squirt had a lot to teach me about that in his last year. He became more playful than he ever had been in his middle age.

I was so afraid that I had lost my mojo for good. Now I’m in the middle of four projects! Whee!