political activism

That’s all I need.

My point with the last post, and I do have one, was that I’ve been pretty needy lately. I’ve been ::gasp:: Internet shopping for craft supplies, and that monologue kept coming into my head until I realized that it was a warning from my inner watcher, who is very frugal and also gets mad if I seem to be running late.

I managed to stop for a few days. Thank God I still have enough for a down payment on the new car. I think I have it under control now.

Still, I have to buy a few more supplies for Art and Soul. I think that I’ll take a limited amount of cash to a local store, maybe Addam’s on Tate St. That should do it.

Tonight I RSVPed to go to an Obama watch party at the Green Burro downtown. Now I’m waffling because a) it’s crappy weather, tornado watches and all that, b) I don’t know anybody else who is going and c) it will probably all be college students, which will make me feel old. They’ll probably ma’am me. If any of “my” students are there, they will probably call me “Miss Laurie.”

On the other hand, after 28 years of watching apathetic young people waste their power, it is so inspiring to see them finally revved up. It gives me hope. My first election was Reagan/Carter. What a shock that was. And the 12 28 years of greed that followed.

I just hope that Obama will continue to try to stay calm and positive. I know that it’s tough, because you have to defend yourself. I like the way that he has, so far. In fact, I believe that it was his “That was the point” reply that won me over. Just tell it like it is, and move on, people. We all screw up, and if you can’t come clean about it, I wonder what else you’re hiding.

Then again, if he’s done anything stupid in the past few days, I don’t know about it because I start taking a news vacation once the politics start getting nasty.

I got ready to go, and it sounded like a hurricane outside, so I changed into my jammies and kicked back. This ain’t the post office.

Maybe I’ll follow this on CNN.com and make occasional smart ass comments here. But I honestly don’t know if I can handle the repetitive stupidity. And the sliminess. I feel dirty already.

Wait, breaking news! CNN is calling Texas for Ron Paul!

Nah, just messing with you.

Maybe I’ll just turn down the volume when Hil speaks, like I do when Dubya does. That might help.

Why, did you know that this is a MUST WIN for her? Betcha didn’t know that. It’s good that I’m here to inform you.

And I didn’t think that North Carolina got any respect – here’s a headline from CNN: “Heavy turnout reported; Rhode Island also voting.” When I’m all pissed off voting in the N.C. primary in early MAY, I’ll remember that Rhode Island also votes.

It must be nice to live in Rhode Island. But I really want to live in Vermont. Especially if it secedes. And besides, somebody said that it “could turn out to be an important state.” Wow. Important state. I’m pouting.

One ringy-dingy. Two ringy-dingy. Obama should get Lily Tomlin to do a response to the 3 a.m. commercial. Now THAT would be cool.

Primary-caucus combos. Superdelegates. Primaries in May. Why am I a Democrat?

Wow. There are wine Democrats and beer Democrats. I never knew. What if you don’t drink? No wonder my mother has been stolen by the dark side.

What if you drink cheap wine and think it’s good? What if you take a bottle of Reunite to a nice dinner party? Where does that leave those people? Maybe they’re the ones voting for Nader.

Hey, what about the iced tea Democrats?

YAWN……oh well, I think that I’ll shower and read a book. In that order.

projection…1%…1191…blah…blah..zzzzz…hey, lightning! Since I live half a block from the train tracks, how will I know when a tornado is coming? No one has ever told me.

[wandering off]

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