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Sunday sweep

Yesterday was an excellent day. For one thing, I think that I’ve found the car that I want to buy – a Honda Fit. It was rated as a best green buy by the Sierra Club in the class of wagons. I test drove one, and although it felt really weird because it was an automatic, I think that I got a feel for it. If we buy this model, we’ll order a manual transmission. I especially liked the way the back seats folded down for lots of storage space. And the price is very reasonable.

Sandy says that he’ll get the Rodeo emptied and clean this week in time for us to possibly make the arrangements to trade it in and order the Fit by next weekend. We’ll keep the 92 Tercel, even though we have a feeling that it is on its last legs. I seldom drive during the week since I walk to work, but I’d like to have a second car because I’m the independent sort, and it makes me feel better that I can drive myself to the dentist when Sandy is at work or go visit my mother (or to an art retreat!) for a few days without leaving Sandy carless. If we drive it occasionally, I think that we can get more miles out of it. It just passed inspection. It does feel good to know that if we absolutely had to, we could get by with one car between us.

Anyway, it is good to finally get that goal in motion. Now Sandy is fixated on making the house prettier, while I keep looking at the growing cracks in the plaster with alarm. We often have different priorities, but we’ve managed to stay married for twenty years, and it looks like it’s gonna stick. We may end up having to get a home equity loan to repair the foundation, and that’s all there is to it. I’ll probably have to be the one to arrange it. Just as I am paying off the last big house repair, which was meant to fix but didn’t fix the most pressing problem! But the walls will be painted and the floors redone, by golly. It’ll be purdy. Sandy’s new goal is to replace the damaged linoleum in the laundry room. We’re going to go with a wood laminate to match the rest of the house, but will stand up to the reality of the litter box in there.

Our friend is supposed to come by soon and help us replace the windows in the bedroom. Once the windows are replaced with wooden energy efficient ones and painted, the room will be finished.

Somewhere in there, I managed to remember to go to Leon’s Beauty School and got a great hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. All for 15 bucks.

We went to Fishbones, one of my very, very favorite restaurant/bars, to eat dinner. I drank a couple of Smithwick’s and ate shrimp and veggie spring rolls with a sweet chili and curried peanut sauce. I have never had a meal at Fishbones that wasn’t fabulous, and the prices are very cheap for the value. It is smokefree, has a great atmosphere, and a little patio. Problem is, it is small, and it is so fabulous that it is often crowded. The size is part of its charm, though.

I tried really hard yesterday to think about things other than weaving and art in general. It’s become an obsession. I looked at Daniel Essig’s web site the other day, and I’m so glad that I changed to his class. For one thing, he does work with found objects, and for another, he lives in Asheville and teaches weekend workshops at Asheville Bookworks, very doable if I want to pursue the book making art with him further.

But I did begin warping up another tapestry box loom late last night. I’ll do a little garden work today, and if the wind dies down, maybe I can finally get started on getting these fleeces that Beverly sent me outside and skirted (the initial cleaning).

All I really want to do is weave.

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