Nailing jello to a wall

I’m pretty sure that I have one of those endless sinus infections dragging me down, sapping a little more of my energy and patience every day. Everywhere I turn people are sick. It makes me want to wear a face mask to work. Every day this week I have announced out loud that I am not going to lose my temper that day. I am moody in the extreme.

I’m dealing with a bit of disappointment and frustration. Not to sound negative, but…I should have known that things were a little too bright and shiny to last. Last night I went to a movie co-sponsored by four organizations that I am affiliated with in some way. Slow Food and Deep Roots had information tables there. I realized that I don’t attend meetings any more for the other two, and I’m debating whether I’m spreading myself too thin. I know that my Sierra Club chapter needs a webmaster, but I wonder if I should resign from that and the other committee that co-sponsored the movie and throw all my energy in with Slow Food. I don’t have as much energy as people seem to think that I do, and I have to be careful and selective with it.

The thing is, when I come home from work, I don’t feel like doing more work on the computer. Especially this time of the year, when I always have several large responsibilities at work that are in a constant state of change. Just when I think that I’ve got things nailed down, splat.

Tonight I’m going to try to get some extra sleep. I heard that there was a Stitch and Bitch group that meets downtown at a coffee shop on Saturday afternoons. I actually managed to thread a beading needle and finish up a bracelet that I began a year ago the other night. So I might check that group out and also check to see if the damn gallery that was supposed to call me almost three months ago about my leftover work from the now closed Two Art Chicks is actually open yet. I think that I’ll see if they really have my consignment pieces (it won’t be much) and get the hell out of that situation, if I am indeed IN that situation. If they don’t have them, I’ll just write it off as a lesson learned and be glad to be done with it.

I could warp up another tapestry box loom and take it to Stitch and Bitch. I really could.

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