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Tapestry bag finale

Hot damn, I finally remembered to buy new rechargeable batteries yesterday after sucking the absolute last bit of use out of my old ones, and I finally remembered to recharge them tonight, so I could upload my photos from last week.

Because, you see, I finished the tapestry bag on Sunday afternoon. The closure is a drilled pebble button, and there is a piece of cardboard in the bottom to hold its shape between the lining and the bag.

Don’t…ask…how I did the lining. Dumb luck with much cursing and sticking pins in my fingers. It was a lesson in persistence and pain, and I finally resorted to an iron and Stitch Witchery.

Next time, I will make the lining darker, although it does help me find things in my bag. Also will make the inner pockets bigger. The straps are perfect!

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