Back Forty

Back Forty update

Well, you know how it is. You get an unexpectedly gorgeous day in the dead of winter, with the forecast of rain the next day. You have a shoebox full of seed packets, more than you could ever hope to plant in your little space. Many of them are cool/cold weather plants. What are you gonna do?

Here’s what I did this afternoon, after having a post-work Mardi Gras Smithwick’s on a bar patio with the boss.

In the long raised bed on the left side:

Little Marvel Peas, French Breakfast Radishes

In the greenhouse, on the left, from back to front:

Red Sails lettuce
Buttercrunch lettuce
Red Ace beets
Oakleaf Italien*****(forgot spelling) lettuce
Existing ruby and golden chard

In the greenhouse, on the right, from back to front, wall to inside:

Over the rainbow mix carrots
Early Wonder Tall Top beets
Danvers half-long carrots
Atomic Red carrots

I found some leek volunteers which I transplanted among the beds. Sigh. I just love volunteers.

In the winter raised beds on the right side under the tree.

left to right, nearest the deck:

Existing leeks
Morton Mild Mustard mix
Existing Tuscan kale
Early Bloomsdale spinach
Existing sorrel and claytonia (volunteers)

left to right, nearest the studio:

Sugar Ann Snap Peas
Creasy greens
Existing brussels sprouts that need to be pulled up
Existing chard that something is eating daily
Existing Siberian kale
Existing parsley
Claytonia volunteers

It was dark by the time I finished watering from my rain barrels and pulled the plastic sheets off the beds. When we have another cold snap, I have hoops in place to make floating row covers. This week is supposed to be fairly nice after a mild cold front moves in tomorrow.

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