augggghhhh, yearly wrap-ups

2007, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out

The year certainly started out well – in January I put up a butt-ugly greenhouse and Sandy and I hauled almost 4 tons of composted leaves from the front driveway to the Back Forty. I built raised beds and covered them with Reemay/Agribon fabric and made plans to do some winter market gardening in the winter of 2008. The 2007 winter farm was a test. I also exposed a seed company whose name rhymes with Dark Greed for spamming gardening bloggers. I think that they have stopped, but I think that they are still checking on me. ::::paranoia::::ooh:::: Nah, it’s just that I don’t feel like getting them all stirred up again, but if you’re interested, you’ll find the posts in January 2007 archives.

February was full of seed starting and I was still planning to go to Italy in the summer, at that point.

In March, I took some great pics of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse reenactment. I enjoyed using my new camera, a LOT, and I spent most of my energy on planting the Back Forty.

Early in April I spent a week at John C. Campbell Folk School, where I learned to weave hats. I gave away bags and bags of salad greens. I tried to kick out the narrator in my head and only blog when I was blogging, and have been mostly successful.

On May 16, 2007, Sandino Galore and I celebrated our 20th anniversary, so I wrote about our wedding. On May 21, 2007, I had the most incredible dinner in my life with Carlo Petrini and leaders of Slow Food USA and Slow Food in North Carolina.

June brought my usual trip to Lake Waccamaw. I put a window air conditioner in the studio and got serious about using it.

In July, I did more Slow Food thingies and suddenly burned slam out. I spent a lot of time in my studio and began participating in “One Local Summer 2007.” My garden was at its peak for beauty and I did some before and after photos.

In August, I started my last class, hoped that our air conditioner wouldn’t break down, said good-bye to rain for a long time, got this laptop for $60 (woo-hoo!) and wove kitchen towels. I cured garlic and onions for the first time.

A Crafting 365 project became a Crafting 25 project in September, as part of an effort to jumpstart my new enthusiasm for weaving. However, my depression and anxiety and all the sadness I was repressing brought that to a screeching halt. I’m glad that I switched gears to concentrating on art and creativity though.

My friend John died in October. We blocked, for a few months anyway, a ruling to put black dye in raw milk in N.C. I ate a lot of butterbeans, but didn’t have enough to freeze. My husband made a very bad decision and took a new job. I realized that the winter farm wasn’t going to happen this year because of the worsening drought.

In November, Squirt was diagnosed with multiple health problems. Our focus was treating hypothyroidism and planning to do surgery on a thyroid tumor. At the time I was totally unaware that the “beginning of kidney failure” was incurable. I attended two major food events: the RAFT picnic at Celebrity Dairy, and the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Conference. Sandy lost his new job.

And in December I graduated with my M.A. in Liberal Studies. We installed a new Slow Food convivium chair and set up a board/committee structure that we hope will bring new energy and ideas to the convivium. And you know the rest. Oh God. Let’s move on to 2008, shall we?

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