Flashback – May 16, 1987

Sandino and I have made it to our 20th year of marriage without killing or maiming each other. I think that’s pretty impressive.

The sad thing is, during those twenty years there weren’t many photos taken of the two of us together. Even at our wedding. We were broke, so we didn’t hire a professional photographer. A friend of ours took photos.

Our wedding day was a big surprise, since I had instructed my mother to invite around 20 people. She invited everyone at her church. There were good friends who missed our wedding, but lots of people that I didn’t know from Adam.

The short background story is that my father had died six months earlier, so I wanted to keep it small and simple. Heck, I would have been fine with a courthouse ceremony.

I let my mother do pretty much as she pleased as long as she was willing to pay for it. I did draw the line at the trumpet fanfare before I walked down the aisle. My mother and I are just a tad different in style. We both got through the day thanks to the wonder of modern medicine.

It was a nice wedding. Sandy’s old friend Jimmy Locke played the guitar and sang The Wedding Song. The (short) florist hung the flower ball in the middle of the gazebo after the rehearsal, and it attracted insects. So it hung right in front of my brother’s face, and he did a good job of not getting stung without obviously dodging the bees. I remember a gnat crawling across the preacher’s upper lip as he conducted the ceremony. It was a Southern Baptist ceremony, and so the reception had great food and no alcohol.

We spent our wedding night at Lake Waccamaw, and then at a family friend’s beach cottage at Ocean Isle Beach.

These photos may be your last chance of ever seeing me in make-up.

My favorite picture from the wedding – Sandy mugs for the camera:

I must have been afraid that he was going to bite me.

Here’s where my B.A. in drama finally paid off – I have no idea who this lady is. Sandy is behind me:

We celebrated our 20th anniversary a little early when we went to Tuscany in October 2006, but tonight we’re going to 223 South Elm to celebrate it again. I think that there’s a duck there with my name on it.

I love ya, sweets!

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