Go forth and spam no more

Yay – it’s a Snow Day in Greensboro, and I have the day off!

I want to say a few last words about the Park Seed hoo-ha, and then I’d like to put this issue to rest. This is directed to the marketers who are monitoring this blog. How’s the weather in Savannah?

Bloggers, especially those who buy their own web hosting space, are particularly sensitive to comment spam. We get an enormous amount of it, and in my case, it temporarily takes up space on my server until I have a chance to delete it. But one spam from you wasn’t what set me off to expose you. There are spammers who send me dozens of comments a day.

What bothered me the most was the fifteen minutes of thought I put into responding to your fictitious person seeking advice before I realized that you were playing me for a chump, just to plant a link in my comments. I nearly fell for it, until I saw who the IP address was registered to. Not all bloggers get this information when they get a comment. (Thank you, WordPress, for such excellent software.)

My guess is that the idea was to start some “blog buzz.” Now that you know that this type of marketing is not considered to be ethical, I trust that you have ditched this idea.

You also don’t seem to realize how easily you can be tracked. “Anonymous” seldom is completely anonymous in the Internet world unless you are an accomplished hacker. I am not any expert on Internet security, but I know what IP address you visit me from, where it is located, and how long you spend at my site. I know what pages you visit and what links you click.

I hope that you learned from this and nobody lost their job over it. We all make mistakes.

I see that you have paid attention to the criticism that other bloggers have made about your blog and have made changes to improve it. That’s a step in the right direction.

Now, maybe you should consider apologizing to the good folks that you fooled or tried to fool. Some of them responded to you with advice. It would be nice if you said that you are sorry in their comments.

You’ve raised Billy the Anti-Spam Ranger’s hackles, but I’m done with this issue. I’m not interested in punishing you any more.

Go forth and spam no more.

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