The ruins of Santa Lucia

The history of the estate dates back to the 12th century, when a group of monks settled at Santa Lucia, an hermitage located on the banks of the Rosia river at the base of what is now the Spannocchia property. – from

Monday, 16 ottobre 2006

We set off at 5 p.m. for Santa Lucia. The trail was rocky and beautiful.

You can see the next door neighbor’s house from here.

He’s such a liberal.

Move it, move it, move it!

Stopping briefly for chestnuts along the way.

It was kind of spooky and wet approaching it from the back. The trail became treacherously steep and then muddy from a spring.

From the front. You could see where wild boars had been digging around a nearby tree – very, very, very recently!

I couldn’t decide if my husband was brave or foolish when he climbed to the third floor. We can all agree that I am chicken. Lizzie joined us and climbed up there with him, but I took photos of her with her camera.

Sandy took a photo of me below in the midst of the beautiful wildflowers. Alas, my close-up shots of the native flora did not come out well.

Detail of wall at Santa Lucia. They don’t make walls like they used to, um, about 900 years ago.

At this point, I thought that I would surely die before I made it up the extremely steep incline. Lizzie’s in great shape, though.

Lizzie saw a deer leap over the trail on the way back. I was about to freak out because the sun was going down and I was afraid to navigate the rough rocky trail in the dark. I’ve been caught on a trail in the dark before, and there was the matter of my aching foot and low energy level. But we made it back just before the sun dipped behind the Tuscan hills, to drink and eat heartily with the rest of the Spannocchians!

To be continued…

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