Monday, 16 ottobre 2006

After taking in the stunning views at the top of the tower, we had a vegetarian lunch that included the traditional Tuscan panzanella, a salad made with leftover bread, and a green salad.

I was happy to have some time to roam on my own and write a little in my journal, and Sandino took a nap. We were both still adjusting to the new time zone a bit. I explored the orto (kitchen garden) and made friends with a few of the cats, but the kittens were wild and would have none of me. There were four dogs of different breeds but the same color, and one of them had puppies.

At 3:30 we arrived late for our Italian lesson with Guilio, and he helped a lot with specific phrases needed for ordering food and asking for service. Would have been nice to have had this lesson before our weekend in Firenze! One of the main things he clarified was the use of the word “prego.” Most people interpret it as “You’re welcome,” but it means more than that. It also means “May I help you?” and “I have served you.” So there is a service component to the word.

After the Italian lesson, Randall Stratton came back and showed us the little Etruscan Museum and workshop in the former carriage house, where we looked at some Etruscan and Roman artifacts they had excavated nearby.

Sandy and I had some energy so we decided to hike down to the 12th century monastery ruins of Santa Lucia. But that’s for the next post.

Dinner that night:
Zuppa di ceci e riso (soup with chickpeas and rice) – much better than it looks! I had seconds.
Polpettone – an Italian meat loaf
Zucca al Forno – This simple squash dish was amazing. It looked somewhat like yellow squash, but it was a local variety of squash that looked like a long butternut squash.
Torta della Nonna

I drank more wine than normal because of a hurting foot and a desire to knock myself out for the night, forgetting that I had class after dinner! I still made sense though, and although I got thirsty in the middle of the night, I didn’t get a headache. Didn’t help my sleep problems at all. Oh well!

Mama Dawg

Little Alpha Dawg

Vorpal kitty under a fig tree

Friendly guardian of the tile pile

To be continued…

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