A room with a view

Sunday, 15 ottobre 2006

When we all got on the bus that would take us to Spannocchia for the next week, it was the first time the 14 class members had all been in one spot. Up until then, we had met through Blackboard on the Internet. Not everyone in the group was a student – Sandino and Randy were tagalong spouses, and Shirley was not a part of the official class. But they were all valuable parts of our class activities at Spannocchia. Along with Charlie and Debby, we numbered nineteen.

We arrived at Spannocchia and filled out the paperwork for stranieri (foreigners), then Giuseppe showed us to our rooms. When he opened our door with a skeleton key, we stepped inside and my breath was taken away.

I ran over the polished, uneven brick floors to the two windows, each looking out to a different vista. Leaning out the window that overlooked the farm courtyard, I saw Debby looking up at me, grinning. “How do you like your room?” she sang out.

“Oh my God. Oh my God.” I caught my breath, and my eyes began to fill up with tears. “It is the most beautiful room I have ever seen in my life.”

We had paid for the most inexpensive room, but Charlie and Debby upgraded our room in appreciation of my work for Slow Food. It had its own little bathroom, and although I did not see every room, I suspect that it was the most beautiful bedroom at Spannocchia. Because how could there be one with better views than these?

And people have been enjoying them for 900 years…

To be continued…

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