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ELC Days Thirty and Thirty-One

Today I received my 15 minutes of celebri-tay at the News and Record, our regional newspaper. Katie Reetz and Jerry Wolford did a terrific job on the article and photographs, which appeared on the front of the “Savor” section. Jerry even braved the mosquitoes in the shady morning back forty to take a great photo of a very camera-shy blogger.

I summed up things somewhat at the Eat Local Challenge blog early this morning. I may do a better summary tomorrow here, but right now I’m just too beat to think straight!

As for my food diary, I won’t be sorry that it is ending. During the week it became kind of tiresome, especially when I was just eating leftovers and salad. But I won’t end eating locally. If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know that it has become a way of life for me. I’ll just open it back up to foods that I don’t want to eliminate, such as wild salmon, olives, tomatoes, and luscious stinky cheeses. I’ll still cite sources in my recipes.

So for the final record, day 30 included egg salad on pita crisps, strawberries, salad, and a Red Oak draft. Today I had leftovers from the weekend, and baked marinated chicken from Back Woods Family Farm. The eggs were from them too. I was sorry that Back Woods Family Farm didn’t make the list of my favorite farms in the newspaper, because I buy more food from them than any other farm, and they are definitely on my online list. I think that it was because there wasn’t an address on their web site, and that seems to be what they were looking for.

I want to say thank you to my mentor and friend, Charlie Headington. He has been a source of incredible support, knowledge, and friendship. If I can inspire even one person the way that he has inspired me, my life will have been well worth the trip. Thanks, Charlie.

5 thoughts on “ELC Days Thirty and Thirty-One”

  1. Way to go, Laurie! I’m thinking of giving up on my blog–can’t sweem to get the umph going, but we’ll see. I’m impressed by your month of eating local; you are an inspiration.


  2. I did have chocolate one time, on May 11. I hadn’t had much to eat all day and I was at a reception with chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate cake. It was my major fall from grace. Hmmm, it is June 1 now, though…but I’m going to be picky about my chocolate and try to buy fair-trade (and slavery-free) chocolate at Deep Roots or Earth Fare.


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