Back Forty

peas and carrots!

The carrot curse seems to have lifted! Maybe, just maybe, this is my graduation year to green thumbdom. The proof will be in the squash. I have never ever been able to produce more than one of any kind of squash.

Today we cut down the mimosa tree. Don’t fret, mimosa fans, it will grow back, believe me. This is the second tree we’ve cut down in order to make more room for Mr. Sun! See how much I adore you, Mr. Sun? I suffered in silence while you schemed about nailing Mary Ann.

My day was mainly occupied with pulling weeds since the ground was so wet. I planted ten tiny Kung Pao pepper seedlings in the strip between the sidewalk and the street. The field peas, okra, and green bean seeds are up.

I was completely discombobulated and dismayed to see that the Sopranos is coming on tomorrow night and my HBO is not hooked up. I thought for sure you would let me know in time. You know I don’t have the attention span to watch what passes for TV entertainment these days, so I miss all the commercials. Why, oh why, didn’t you tell me? You know that I can’t handle the knowledge that the Sopranos will be on and I won’t be watching! Maybe I can rent a cheap motel room.

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