It is amazing how little space 320 pounds of dirt takes up. But I put down a small narrow bed and expanded the little island bed I made in the front of the garden where there is the most sun.

The island has watermelons, okra, butterbeans (okra and butterbeans are seeds I saved from last year’s crop), basil and nasturiums. I planted the narrow bed with okra and field peas. I planted more green beans in the lettuce/broccoli bed. The field peas I planted last weekend are already coming up!

I bought blood meal from Lowe’s and sprinkled it around everywhere, plus added bone meal to the new beds. Here’s the mystical fertilizer – the last time I was at Mama’s house I roamed around her garden and picked up every little broken piece of china that I found. Then I lined them up along the edge of the narrow bed.