a fun mentalist church

I just read Dan Smith’s post about the UCC. He says that if the UCC is fun, then that must make other churches da mentalists. I like that.

So I thought about the Church of the Covenant. I think that it is fun. The minister’s main message is that you should pursue happiness and authenticity, within the context and circumstances of your life. Sin is defined by having the wrong priorities about what is important. By becoming fulfilled, happy, and authentic people, we can serve others and they will in turn support us in our spiritual journeys. In every communication Jim sends out, he asks us to have fun that day, or to find some time to do something we love.

And the Church of the Covenant is mentalist. No one talks down to you as if you are incapable of independent thought. You are encouraged to ask questions, discuss, participate, examine issues, offer your opinions, even and especially if they are different. Their website is called A Thinking Church. The service that I attend at 9:20 is more a philosophical gathering of seekers than a church service.

So the Church of the Covenant is a fun mentalist church.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Jim Dollar’s sermons titled Being the church is about being alive.

“When is the last time you had a good time (anywhere in your life)? When is the last time you did something that could qualify as “play”? When is the last time you laughed from the depths? What do you look forward to? What are the compelling interests in your life? What are the sources of energy and enthusiasm in each day? What delights you about your life? What makes you glad to be alive? What brings you joy? What do you love to do? How often do you do it?”

“What stands between you and what you love? What are the barriers that prevent you from having a good time? What are the obstructions that keep you from enjoying your lives? What is going on in your lives that rules out any possibility of fun?”

“We cannot hope to “have life and have it abundantly” without answering these questions regularly. The church that helps us ask, and answer them, helps us come to life, and be alive. The church exists to help us address the personal issues arising from our experience of life in the world. But talking about personal matters is not what we think the church is for. We think the church is about spiritual matters. And, we have yet to understand that there is no line of separation between the personal and the spiritual.”

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