Slow Food, voluntary simplicity

Wholes are made from parts

Here is an excerpt from an article being written for the Permaculture Activist by Robert Waldrop (of the Better Times Almanac, a wonderful publication) on “Kitchen Permaculture.” This was sent to me via the Slow Food DC mailing list, via Robert’s email to the Terramadre mailing list.

It speaks to the heart of what I am trying to do with my life right now. When people start awakening from the neo-con illusion to the real world surrounding them, they often ask how to begin the shift to a simpler life. It seems so overwhelming at first.

Nobody goes from 100% bad food choices to 100% good, better, or best choices overnight. But procrastination is equally problematic. Wholes are made from parts, and if you can’t see the total solution in the beginning, step back and pick one thing that you can understand and do that. Then look at your situation again and do something else. Everyone can find something to start with and that’s where each person should begin. Slow down, simplify, make better and wiser choices. One thing leads to another, and before a person realizes that time is passing, permaculture has been transformed from an esoteric science to a lived reality in their kitchen. Your work in the kitchen will become beautiful, and as it is said, “The world will be saved by Beauty.”

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