Yes, I definitely won’t be doing any painting in public, thank you very much.

I knew that when I picked the garden pool next to the dining hall that I’d probably have to deal with a lot more onlookers. But it was exactly the type of scene I want to paint and I knew it would be a huge challenge. I figured that it was logical to give it a try when I had a good teacher there to instruct me. I set up on the bridge to the dining hall, where I got to experience my own personal hell of having every other student in the whole place file by my painting as I guarded it to make sure no one knocked it over.

It was a tough choice, and the teacher ended up painting over most of my work. This bugged me a bit, but I’m trying to make the most of it.

At lunch we decided to create a new school of painting where you set up on a bridge or other structure and hold a brush as people stomp over it. The name of the new style will be seismic painting.

Then after lunch tourists started filing through and asking me questions as if I worked there. I just don’t like painting and being interrupted every minute or so. So I think I’ll be doing it in private from now on.