John C. Campbell Folk School

JCCFS – Monday evening

Much better ending to the day. I dragged myself to class after a somewhat tearful break after lunch. Turned out that after I left that morning, the class had changed its mind about where and when to meet and they were gone. Fortunately there was another woman in the same fix and we found them. We painted a pretty landscape but it was not really what I would have picked. I was smarting from the morning experiences and irritated that my new plein air easel legs kept coming unattached from the box and banging me in the back of the knees as I walked. I was contemplating the money I spent on this easel contraption as well as becoming aware of how much more I spent on art supplies than I needed.

It was a rather humbling experience – I have long held a somewhat snotty attitude about painting vs. fine craft. Reverse discrimination, I guess. The simple act of mixing paint with the palette knife was surprisingly hard. I had to relearn the basics of setting and cleaning up. Plus I’m painting with big brushes when I’m used to getting down to tiny details.

My painting was okay but I was not particularly impressed with it. At least it was an accomplishment of sorts and I figured my nerves were better by the end of the day because I had gone through the basic process once. Dinner went through with no flagrant screw-ups, and I sat beside my instructor and had a nice conversation with her. In the evening, folks downstairs in Keith House jam, playing bluegrass and old-time music and we listen from our bedroom upstairs.

I called Sandy tonight. It is our 18th wedding anniversary. That is very hard to believe. I think that he would enjoy this class.

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