Back Forty


I’m headed to John C. Campbell Folk School early tomorrow morning to stay until next Friday afternoon, so I’m gathering my thoughts as much as anything here today. I’ve done battle with a migraine all night so writing on the computer is probably not the wisest thing.

I still need to go to Davis Design, where I’m getting the rest of my art supplies, including a plein air easel that folds up into a carrying sketchbox. Sandy and I have comparison shopped on these all week. Although the best price was not at Davis Design, I decided to spend more at a small independent store than order through a warehouse catalog or buy at a large chain. I must admit that I did get a few things at A.C. Moore. But that was because I didn’t want to wait until the last minute to get everything. After all, I never know when I might get laid low by a migraine.

If I am to walk my talk, I need to get more serious about shopping locally. That’s a big part of the simplicity philosophy.

I have a little planting left to do today as well, but yesterday afternoon I put it some plants I’ve had since last weekend – a Christmas fern, great blue lobelia, cardinal flower, lime flowering tobacco, a pepper I wish I’d written down the name of right after I bought it! But it came from Handance Farm and is a long sweet pepper.

I planted a couple more bell peppers that I grew from seed. They sure are slow to germinate and grow. The hot pepper seeds I started from seed I saved from last year, a mild Jalapeno (I know, what’s the point) and Kung Pao, came up in abundance right away. The bell pepper seeds were a full two weeks behind them. Also other seeds from ones I saved: pattypan squash, which I don’t particularly like to eat but I like the shapes, and butternut squash. Ground cherry seeds, the new crop, are terrible to start this year. They are really struggling, and this is my second try. I didn’t have these problems last year, and I got really hooked on the fruit.

I’ll need to do a little household shopping, and get some straw for the garden. I’ve really put this off way too long. Then mulch as much as I can. The ground ivy (creeping charlie) is quite healthy and I have developed an intense hatred of this invader. DO NOT BUY THIS. I’ve seen it for sale at Home Depot. It should be illegal to sell this stuff.

Then I need to pack, and I will have to stop myself from packing my entire wardrobe.

Sandy is in Charleston for a reenactment this weekend. It would be really great if we could do one of these classes together sometime. Maybe a weekend long one. This has gotten him interested again in painting. Fun, fun, fun.

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