the watering can

What a great day!

First, I went to the farmer’s market, as usual. Except that today they had an herb fair with some different vendors with lots of unusual herbs. I went looking for one main thing, comfrey. Now, comfrey has to be about the easiest thing to grow for sale, because it is like mint–it sends out runners and it is fairly invasive. All you have to do is dig up the little plantlets. But did ANYBODY have comfrey? I’ll let you guess.

I did buy feverfew (from Pat & Brian), cardinal flower, ox-eye daisy, clary sage, and cardoon, which the vendor assured me is spectacular.

Then, Sandy and I set up a Slow Food display table at the Deep Roots Taste Fair. We enjoyed it, but we left right before the bad weather set in.

We went to the Liberty Antique Festival just in time to catch a few vendors. I’d say that at least 75% were packing up because of the wind. People were holding their tent poles and looking at the sky for funnel clouds. Let me tell you, if there had been a tornado, there would have been a bunch of dead people on the field, with all those pitchforks, sickles, and axes flying. Sandy said that our best strategy would be to get into a trash barrel.

But still, I bought what I went there for: a big metal watering can, and an enameled metal colander. The bonus buys was a sifter and a bunch of fudge. Yes, I’ve been bad, bad, bad.

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