Yesterday, Sandy and I went by Charlie’s house and I showed Sandy his fishponds. We’re thinking about putting a little one in where the walnut tree was. As I’ve said before, it’s a shame to waste a good hole.

I came home and planted the zephyr squash plants just before the rain began. I put Reemay over them, and I hope that will help. But I don’t know how long to leave it over them, and it is so ugly. The squash themselves are lovely and I would love it if I could take the Reemay off soon.

Caterpillars are eating the broccoli, some of them anyway. I’m going to have to toughen up and pick the bugs off, I guess. Luckily I have a whole lot of broccoli. This is due to a strategy I heard from another organic gardener — plant more than what you’ll need. We’ll see if it works.

Tomorrow will be a big, full day so I’m going to bed early. It has been a stressful, exhausting week, and next week will be, well, horrible. Wish I could write about it. But I think that tomorrow will be wonderful.