I made up my mind. I’m going to take a week’s vacation right after graduation, and go to John C. Campbell Folk School for a 5 day oil painting class. I’ve sent them my credit card, and it’s a done deal.

Now I have to go buy paints and brushes and all…

I’ve had the notion to start painting again for a couple of years, since I worked at Greensboro College. When I was 13-14 years old, I took an oil painting class from a local teacher, and I wasn’t bad. But I got tired of it because the teacher started getting upset when I wanted to experiment, and because I was getting more interested in boys than art.

Then when I was towards the end of my undergrad degree at UNCG, I became a weaver. I started a second bachelors in design, then stopped because the fibers professor was abusing students and I was tired of watching it. I always figured she’d burn out or get caught or leave sooner or later and I’d go back then. But then they got rid of the whole damn fibers program. I’ll always wonder if they knew how many students that whacked out professor ran off. Would it have made a difference?

I’ve dabbled in other crafts over the years. When I worked at Greensboro College, I thought I’d finish up that art degree and took ceramics classes. I found out that I love the idea of making ceramics more than the reality of making ceramics. If I had stayed at Greensboro College, I would have started taking painting classes from Ray Martin, who I thought was extremely talented and compassionate.