Today, I wrestled a 75 foot soaker hose for 45 minutes during my lunch hour. Next time I am buying 10 foot sections and hooking them together. I came back to work sweaty and sunburned. But I wanted to empty out my rain barrels before the big rains come later this week, and last night it was too dark by the time I got home with it, and tonight I go to my MALS class. So it was do it at lunch or do it in the rain.

Oh, and we planted the rest of the tomatoes yesterday. Another reason for the soaker anaconda. I planted one Rosa Bianca eggplant in a pot before I realized I didn’t have nearly enough potting soil.

And one of my artichokes is missing. Only a hole where the baby used to be. I suspect Mama Kitty, but last year’s bunny may be back.