la la la it’s wednesday

The difference between today and all the days in the past six weeks was a stunning contrast. Things have finally calmed down since I stopped trying to do everybody else’s jobs and began telling people no. Now I just have to wait for them to do their work so I can put it all together. La la la la la. It’s not my job, man!

JQ had an interview on campus with an office that we have a lot of contact with. I would love to have her nearby (I worked with her at Greensboro College) but am concerned that she might hate the job. She is a free spirit and that is one of the things that makes her so special. We had lunch together – guess! – at Sushi 101! I’m telling ya, that stuff is addictive. Today I had a bento box with shrimp teriyaki, which was good, but I’m going back to the sushi rolls next time.

I have been collecting cardboard all day and I think I might have enough to finish my garden paths. But we’ll probably have to load up some more mulch. My next-door neighbor asked the guys who took down my walnut tree for their truckload of wood chips, then figured out that it was way more than she ever needed. Since it came from my trees anyway, really I have already bought it.

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