Back Forty

early black eggs and mortgage lifters

I know, I know, I am not supposed to plant tomatoes and eggplants and peppers in early April. I do know that.

But it is so warm and the lows predicted for the next week don’t go below mid-forties. The official frost date for our area was moved back to April 9. My raised beds are nice and cozy-warm. I decided to be contrary and plant a few anyway. If they die, they die, but I really don’t think they will. That’s what I have a couple of cold frames for. And god knows I have plenty of seedlings. They are late adolescents and yearning to be free.

Besides, the description for the Early Black Egg eggplants said that they were ideal for short-season planters. That says to me that they could handle a little cooler temps. It also said that they are less susceptible to flea beetle damage. I certainly hope so, after last year’s eggplant fiasco.

Before I did that, though, I came home from work early because I was exhausted from lack of sleep and stress. I took a nice little half-nap on the bamboo chair, reclined with the cushion. Oh, so very comfy. And Sandy was offered a job by a friend of his, that he is very seriously tempted to take.

We went out to eat, which we have been doing way too much of lately, at Sushi 101 on Tate St. He had beef teriyaki and I had the Alaskan Roll and miso soup, which was beautifully presented and plenty enough to eat – delicious! I can see that this is going to be hard to resist. Japanese food is my favorite. Sandy has to get a job just so I can start eating there on a regular basis.

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