Whoa! It is trash-picking season in College Hill. I found a neat little statue in a trash pile on the way to church tonight. They were having a program on gardening. It was three primitive little men holding a bowl in the middle of them. One of the men was headless. I figured I’d put it in the garden and stick something interesting down the poor little guy’s hollow neck. I carried it in the church with me because I was walking. I also was kinda wanting to show off my groovin’ garden find.

The minister asked me where I found it. Get this – it was STOLEN from the church, along with a bunch of other stuff. He said for me to keep it since it was damaged. Can you believe it? Stealing from a church. Man, that is LOW.

I went back to the trash pile and looked for the head but it was gone. Now I feel a little deflated about the whole thing. The minister said that people had looked everywhere for it. Dang.