augggghhhh, voluntary simplicity

the bamboo chair

Sunday night was bad…I had a panic attack. Then Monday morning, a co-worker called me from work and I had to go in to take care of some things. Everything at work is in chaos. One of the people I support took a vacation last week (which was an extremely unwise decision, to be kind about it) and now he has the flu. All this within probably the busiest two weeks in the semester for us. People are getting pregnant and sick and other jobs and getting research leaves and asking for reductions in course loads. And getting them. It is NUTS. At this rate, there will be no one left to teach next year.

Anyway, this wasn’t very good for my stress load, so I called my doctor and asked if she could just call me and talk to me for a minute about changing my anxiety medication. She has yet to call but the office assistants didn’t get my message right. She thinks I’m on another medication.

By the time I went to Charlie’s house I was starting to have a little trouble breathing. I was thinking about my garden project on the way. The only thing I would be missing by the time it was due was perhaps the most important thing – a nice comfy chair to sit in and relax. Charlie and I got some good planning work done for Slow Food and I felt a little better, but I asked him for a ride to class. I didn’t want to risk another panic attack.

So, I go back home, and what do I see? A beautiful bamboo chair sitting on the curb across from my house. I resisted. They must be about to load it. No, no one came around. There must be something wrong with it. The dog probably peed on it. The stray tomcat probably sprayed it. The seat is probably missing beneath the cushion.

Finally I walked across the street and looked it over. It didn’t smell, not really bad, anyway. It was worn but in good shape. The seat was perfect. The cane was woven in a bird’s eye pattern. Best of all, it reclined! It had a pull-out foot rest! It was a beautifully-made, well-used chair! Even the cushion was in good condition. There was a handmade needlepoint pillow with a torn zipper on top. I hauled it back to the deck and washed everything.

Today at work, everything was worse. Amazing but true. But when I came home for lunch, I got to sit in my beautiful bamboo chair. After Mama Kitty got out of it, of course.

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