Back Forty

Easter sunday

Wow, I looked at the weather report again today and it looks exceedingly wet and warm for the rest of the week. I’m so tempted to plant some of my tomatoes. If I can find a place to buy humus and topsoil today, maybe I’ll plant a few and put one of the cold frames over them. But I have to fill out the raised bed first, which will take a lot of soil and a lot of physical work. I have pretty filled out all the available spots with other plants and seeds. I think it is going to look fabulous!

Should retail establishments open on major holidays? I have such mixed feelings about it. I support their right to do so, but then again, shouldn’t some days be reserved for people to be with their families, even if you are not religious? Otherwise there are some companies, one of which I have experienced, that would squeeze every little bit of time they could get out of their workers. I used to have to do inventory every Easter Sunday, and my boss was like, so what? If it’s voluntary, I suppose that it’s okay. I guess I get the most aggravated with the companies that do not walk their talk, like Wal-Mart.

I promised my mother that I would go to church today, since I didn’t go to Marietta for Easter like I normally do. I joined a very progressive church in January, but I have only gone to the alternative service, since that fills my needs, and I like to reflect after the service instead of going straight to the traditional service. Here I am, a new Presbyterian, but I have no idea what a traditional Presbyterian service is like. I’m sure that this church’s service will not be as conventional as some, but I’m guessing that Easter Sunday will be a good time to check it out, so I’m going to the regular service today.

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