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nibbled to death by ducks

Yay! A three day weekend, and I have warned everyone at work that I might make it a four or five day weekend. I have got to get my anxiety under control. I’m getting quite crazy. It’s the “Nibbled to Death by Ducks Syndrome” again.

Part of the reason I am pursuing a simple lifestyle is by economic necessity. My choices in life have led me to being at this income level, so I still think of that as being voluntary simplicity. Also, I am preparing for the hard times ahead when the oil runs out. But the main reason is that I am often overwhelmed by life, and I am trying to find some peace.

The past few weeks have been very, very hard for me. I go through bad times. This blog has helped. Some things I have not been able to write about, or I’ve written them and deleted them. Things finally started getting better today.

The gutters were installed and directed into my rain barrels. The short one over the porch extends out and has a place for me to hang a rain chain one day. The first night we had a major rainstorm and they all filled completely up. We had tested one before we bought the other three. The one we tested was solid as a rock. The other three were spouting mini-geysers and seeping out at the bottom. I’m telling you, it did not help my nerves a bit. But they seemed to tighten up after a couple of days. I set up a soaker hose in my new spring garden beds and emptied the two back barrels through it.

Another thing that has helped…my husband Sandy got into a temp job. It was beginning to look like he wasn’t going to qualify. He had to make an 80 on two of six tests, and he didn’t make it on the first four. So he had to do it on both of the last ones. I was ready to climb the walls. He has the worst luck in jobs that I have ever seen in my life. We both joke that he is cursed, but sometimes we’re not joking. He has not had a permanent, full-time job in two and a half years now. And people wonder why I’m a liberal Democrat.

The washing machine is about to die on us. We’ll have to think about what to do about that. My hope was to replace each major appliance as they wore out with highly energy-efficent ones. Until Sandy gets a real job, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to follow that plan.

But my spinach seeds are coming up, and I picked three radishes and a few spinach and lettuce leaves that I planted in January! I filled it out with dandelion greens and had a nice little salad out of my garden. Then I made a very good pot of soup, which I’ll never be able to recreate, but it contained a little butternut squash that I grew and picked last September – amazing! I’d forgotten I had it. I sliced some collard leaves into thin strips and put into the soup, and added a lot of dried parsley from this summer. It’s great to be able to eat food that you have grown. Best therapy in the world.

Now if I could just grow some Xanax!

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