This weekend, I got the bulk of my spring planting done. I sowed more seeds, transplanted most of the broccoli seedlings, and I decided to plant the two biggest artichoke seedlings. I know that they are supposed to have strong tap roots so I thought that maybe I should get them in the ground. It immediately started turning colder, so I redid the cold frames so that I could divide them in half, and put them back over the new plantings. I also put bricks around the artichokes to help retain heat. I planted more potatoes. I bought humus instead of cow manure this time.

I’m really excited because I should be getting gutters installed this week. It was a lot more expensive that I expected, but I already bought four expensive rain barrels that are pretty much worthless without the gutters. Guess I put the cart before the horse. I think that this is a good investment – not only for the water catchment system and my garden, but for my crawlspace and basement, which is damp.

My stress level is sky high now. Working in the garden is such a relief.