Back Forty

regression to tomboyhood

Today was beautiful again, and my husband went back to Guilford Courthouse to fight the rebels against King George (uh, that would be 1781 King George, not our current dictator).

I resolved to clean up the mess of boards and pallets I’ve been hoarding with the idea that I’d build a nicer looking compost bin. Well, I guess it looks just a tiny bit nicer. And it’s 10-year-old child workmanship, the sides are not even hooked together. I nailed some pieces of a picket fence together to face the side that you can see from my deck. I leaned it and two wooden pallets against the three sides of my wire compost bin (the fourth side being the chain link fence behind it). I was going to nail it or hinge it all together, but it’s a lot heavier than I thought it would be and I need to be able to move it. So I think I’ll wire the corners together so I can take one side off when I need to. At least I cleaned up some stuff that just needed to be chucked.

It took me back to when I built a “fort” out of scrap lumber in the woods when I was little.

Now I need to clean up the brushpile and paper and mulch that back middle bed, which I don’t think I’ll plant this year. And the biggest part of my class project will be done. Part of which, by the way, was to incorporate recycled objects into my garden. Admittedly, I do that anyway. I’m a terrible trash picker. The other parts were to concentrate on spring vegetables and rework my path and beds to have curved borders.

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