Back Forty

artichoke blues and a wattle fence

Wow, my paths and beds are really looking great! I can finally visualize what it might look like when the plants grow in. I used up all my newspaper and cardboard, so now I have to wait to collect some more. Bummer, because I NEED to work in my garden right now. Staring at tiny seedlings and willing them to grow can only sustain me but so long.

R.I.P. for another baby artichoke. I swear I won’t water you guys any more for at least a few days, just hold on, hold on! I’M SORRY!


When I got home late this afternoon, it was absolutely beautiful. So I wove a wattle fence.

I stuck about 8-9 sticks in the ground, cut off long pieces of porcelain grapevine GRRRR, and wove them between the sticks.

It felt good to cut that porcelain grapevine GRRRRR. But a lot of it is dead now YAY so there wasn’t enough to weave a very high fence. In fact, I’d be amazed if I get it up to two feet.

Maybe I’ll do another one with honeysuckle YIKES. There will definitely always be a supply of that. The next-door neighbor on THAT side doesn’t do anything at all to her yard, and the honeysuckle YIKES is coming from there. Oh well, I prefer that to the other next-door neighbor, who nukes everything with Round-up instead of mowing. I had a nice little spot next to her yard where a couple of rogue tomatoes and a pumpkin were growing from where I tossed them for a compost pile, then changed my mind. They died the first time she nuked her yard. Even a cement block wall didn’t stop the Round-up.


UPDATE 6-19-05: My broccoli and artichoke babies are growing up. I’m so proud!

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