Back Forty

pulling the worries out

What a difference ELEVEN hours of sleep makes. I was so sleep-deprived. I am a NEW WOMAN today! And it helps that I didn’t have to deal with distressful undercurrents. And it helps that I got to weed in my garden.

There’s something about pulling weeds. In a way, I’m a little sad that my new method of gardening reduces the need for weeding so much. I pulled up the weeds, mostly snakeberry (I think it is called that–it is like wild strawberry but doesn’t have any taste) and creeping charlie, which I HATE because it has just about taken over the entire yard, and if you leave the tiniest little piece it springs back to life, and travels under mulch until it pops back out, good as new. It blew my mind when I saw it for sale at Home Depot. I wanted to put a note up asking people to come to my house and take it away for free.

Then I laid thick newspaper down over the area, and on top of that, straw. Later I’ll dump compost and/or topsoil on top of that.

I used the bagged compost I bought today to fill out the garden bed towards the front, which I newspapered and mulched several months ago. I can never buy enough. I planted some spinach in this area in the shape of a flourish. I’ve got this notion that I want to paint with plants. And I planted some more peas, this time in the herb/rock garden bed that I can’t decide what to do with. I bought some bonemeal and sprinkled it over everything. I hope this was a good thing to do. I don’t know why I get so confused over soil nutrients. Maybe it’s because my high school chemistry teacher really taught us sex education instead.

I read somewhere an account of a woman who was diagnosed with cancer, who visualized pulling the tumors out of her body when she pulled weeds. Ever since, when I get upset or overly anxious, I go to my garden to pull the worries out of my life.

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