Back Forty


Arghh, my poor little artichokes, have I drowned them?

My broccoli seedlings are so spindly. Are they supposed to look like this? They’re getting good light – I have them in a window with a natural-spectrum lamp shining on them.

The Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are strong little tykes, though. Maybe they will become football players when they grow up.

Black Early Egg and Rosa Bianca eggplants are looking good, too. I’ve got a few peppers but they’re pretty slow compared with the others…

A bag of organic russet potatoes sprouted in my cupboard so I cut them up and planted them yesterday. What the hell, if they die, they’ll either feed a raccoon or rot. I piled up composted manure and straw on them and covered it with wire. Maybe this yucky sloppy cold rain and slush won’t kill them.

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